Light for the new Millennium

Light for the new Millennium

Rudolf Steiners Association with Helmuth and Eliza von Moltke
T. H. Meyer (Ed.)

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This collection of previously unpublished letters and documents deals with themes that are of tremendous significance for our time: the approaching new millennium; karma and reincarnation; life after death; the workings of evil; the destiny of Europe; and the hidden causes of the First World War. It also tells the story of the meeting of two great men: Rudolf Steiner and Helmuth von Moltke (1848-1916), Chief of the general staff of the German army during the outbreak of the First World War, who was dismissed from his post in 1914 following disagreements with the Kaiser.
Moltke first came into contact with Steiner through his wife Eliza, who was one of Steiner's esoteric pupils. Steiner's connection to Moltke included personal meetings, letters, and clairvoyant messages after the General's death. These communications are reproduced here in full, along with a key interview with Rudolf Steiner for Le Matin and commentaries and essays by Jürgen von Grone, Jens Heisterkamp, Johannes Tautz and T. H. Meyer.

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Rudolf Steiner Press, 1997
ISBN 9781855840515
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